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Price per bond $108.11

Yield to maturity 4.55%, bond matures 2049.

Yield to call 3.74%, Bond may be called 2029.

5% Coupon

(Pays twice per year) Double Tax-Exempt Interests

A A+ Rated Bonds by Standard & Poors.

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Municipal bonds are subject to availability and charge in price. Double tax free bonds are bonds that are exempt

from both federal government and state income taxes. The exemption in state tax is only applicable to individuals who are permanent citizens of the state where the bonds are issued. May be subject to local tax and/ or alternative minimum tax. Bonds are subject to market and interest rate risk if sold prior to maturity, bond values will decline as interest rates rise. If sold prior to maturity, capital gains tax could apply.

Standard & Poor’s is one of the largest credit rating agencies, assigning letter grades to companies and countries and the debt they issue on a scale of AAA to D, indicating their degree of investment risk.


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